BPMap products

As we are always sensitive to our clients’ needs, here at BPMap we have developed tools to solve recurring problems.

The tools developed by BPMap are compatible with Aris versions 7.2 and 9. We’re constantly working on them to extend their functionality in order to provide you with powerful and reliable tools at the lowest cost.

We currently have three products on offer which have been developed by BPMap:

The money-saving solution for publishing your repository: Show Me a Process: SMap:

SMapModel          SMapModelSearch

If you don’t have a Business Publisher licence, if you need to carry your processes with you in your pocket and have them easily available to you on a USB key and you don’t want to invest in an application server with a database, SMap is the tool for you.

In just a few clicks, you can publish your repository on a website with no need for a database or an application server.

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Your website publication configurable providing text views from your databse : Tell Me a Process: TMap:

TMapVueTxtCPE          TMapVueList

You’ve got a Business Publisher site which is difficult to navigate: the terms used on it and its representation of your business model only make sense to you and a few other experts.

You want to be able to “explain” and not simply “show” your processes to users by giving them the choice of whether or not to visualize the Aris models?

TMap is the most advanced Business Publisher layout and is entirely configurable with your modelling tool. You are able to choose the information displayed, you can manage information search requests , you can configure the textual views and therefore closely guide your user in reading and understanding the contents of your repository.

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The Aris administrator's toolbox: ScriptAdminBox

Check the names of the Aris models match the objects linked with them
Check the model is accessible from one unique object
Check the model is not isolated in your database
Modify the types of already existing models
Translate your repository
As you will have gathered, ScriptAdminBox makes available to the administrator all the tools necessary for the upkeep and modification of your repository.