The money-saving and portable publication:

SMap is a tool for publishing a snap-shot of your repository.

SMap does not require an Aris Publisher or an Aris connect licence key in order for it to work, nor an application server to host it, nor a database to function.

Open pdf presentation (fr)

So how does it work?

SMap uses AJAX technology. In order for it to function, you just need to run the publication script on your Aris database, on a sub group of your data base or on a selection of models, and then open the website using a web browser (firefox or 1E7 minimum). You can then start immediately browsing the site. No flash plugin or any other type is necessary.

With the input of a simple Aris script, the data is copied into xml files and images in a directory. This data is then used in JavaScript to generate the html webpages comprising the website.

The package comprises an Aris script and all the necessary files (html, js. Ss and images) which will ensure the website functions properly.
SMap is very straightforward to configure and use.
Current version: V3.4 (09/16)

Test out the publication generated from an example database here (Use IE9 or Firefox or Chrome to open it.) : Test the result

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