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December 2010 saw the launch of BPMap. Fresh from six years as senior consultant at IDS-Scheer (now Software AG) and editor of ARIS software, Romain Tricarico decided to bank on this know-how by launching his own company, BPMap SAS.

Given Romain’s background, we are experts in both the function and technical side of the software. Our tools and services are therefore able to offer you improvements and extensions on the software which will speed up your projects.

One of our various aims is to help you in your BPM/SI/SOA/URBA projects by offering solid and reliable support in using ARIS software.

You can rely on BPMap’s services to help speed up getting your repository off the ground. You can call on BPMap from the moment where the modelling system has been defined to when your repository goes live on an easy-to-navigate website.
BPMap can bring you effective support throughout the different aspects and stages of your project.
To do so, we provide all the necessary training in the administration, customisation and modelling with the Aris tool.

We’ve drawn on our solid experience by developing our own BMap tools, modules and scripts which make the software’s functionality do even more for you.

Please take a look at our solutions of publication TMap et SMap.

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