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Mastering your modeling tool

Whether it’s a process repository, an application repository or any other repository type, creating your business’ repository is no mean feat, and is a job that requires a great deal of rigour and the right system.
It’s possible to create your repository using software such as a spreadsheet for defining key elements and a word processor for writing out different procedures. However, going about it this way will result in a repository of disparate elements, lacking any internal links and thereby leaving you with a repository which is difficult to maintain and difficult to glean any analysis from.

There are a number of tools on the market offering solutions for modelling, use and display of a business repository in order that you avoid this pitfall.
The software suite Aris Software AG is one of the market leaders for creating business repositories. This software offers a modelling approach unique to your business, thereby ensuring that your repository is coherent and well-structured.

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With Aris Business Designer, see your colleagues become contributors as they rapidly get to grips with maintaining and adding to the repository.
With Aris Business Publisher, your repository is published/hosted on an easy-to-navigate website which will become the reference portal for its users: a key tool for communicating and promoting your projects.

Aris comes with its own script engine which, when used correctly, will allow you to complete a wide range of tasks as diverse as they are useful. This script engine will help you get the most out of your database: extracting useful information, generating reports, interfacing your tool with third-party applications, speeding up your adminstration processes etc.

Aris is THE tool for getting the best handle on the various processes of your business, making them flexible and helping you take off as a digital enterprise.

    BPMap are experts in using and getting the most out of Aris software. You can call on us at any stage of your project and we will be there to help you with:
  • the implementation of your repository
  • working with your repository
  • the administration side of your repository
  • launching your repository online on an easy-to-navigate website
  • the use and customisation of Aris software tools (Business Publisher, Aris Business Architect, Aris Risk and Compliance Management, etc.)


    Just some of what we offer:

  • We’re fully fluent in the system
  • We’re fully fluent in the script engine
  • We’re fully fluent in Aris tools
  • We’re quick to get back to you
  • We’re always available

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