Layout of the Publication Business Publisher (TMap)

Tmap for Aris 7.2 or Aris 9

A standard Aris Business Publisher publication uses a publication layout which generates a website where the interface is very similar to that of the tool ARIS 7.2. Any user unfamiliar with Aris will therefore find it difficult to use the website generated. A typical website of this type is unintuitive and uses terms which only those already familiar with Aris will understand (attribute, model, object, occurrence, variant, master etc).

This is why it can often be useful to personalise and customise the layout of the site.

Drawing on its solid experience, BPMap has created its own publication layout with highly advanced functionalities and one that is entirely configurable with your modelling tool. The publication layout therefore still depends on the database – it publishes the information you want in an ergonomic interface where the terms used can be easily understood by anyone.

Please, activate sub titles


Please, activate sub titles

Textual View

Whether it’s for all types of model, or just one in particular, TMap allows you to create a textual view, displaying information from the model or elements linked by request.
According to your users’ wishes, navigating the model can be done in either textual or graphic view, so you can accommodate for everyone.
An intuitive and precise configuration allows you to generate your own list of elements. Your users will therefore be able to find the information they need in just a few clicks.
You can also allow users to suggest changes to the TMap site, thereby making them contributors to your tool.

The configuration WYSIWYG from your client Aris (model use dedicated to configuration) provides a comprehensive configuration. It’s up to you which objects appear, the choice of models not available when navigating. You can create your own requests for searching information, your own list of pre-defined elements graded and unfolding or in columns, etc.


TMapVueTxt          TMapVueTxtCPE          TMapVueList

What is the navigation mode in Textual View?


You can configure the navigation mode yourself in one click. You can open the associated models, you can navigate by how many times objects occur, or by request…
It’s up to you which type of navigation will most suit your users.

You don't have to depend on the ARIS Method

Don’t be a prisoner of your publication… with TMap if you make extension to your system (new model, new symbols etc) this isn’t going to compromise your publication. It will continue to function, no change to the layout source code will be necessary, only the configuration will need modifying.
TMap will know how to adapt to your needs. It’s flexible and will adapt just as your needs change.

What if I want graphic view?

If you prefer to navigate in graphic view, that’s no problem. Just click on the icon in order to switch and you’ll be presented with the Aris models.
In the current version of Tmap (V1.0), the graphic view has remained practically the same as Aris’s default view. Only three elements have changed: the information section is more easily understandable, it’s possible to double click on an object in order to navigate and you can disallow navigation on certain types of model.


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