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Your website’s homapage is created in Aris Designer using a specific model
You can configure your homepage according to how you personally would like it
Create the entry points best suited to your repository


The model of this website’s homepage in ARIS



Create your own requests which you can then use in configuring your website and which will allow you to display information from different levels of your database on the same webapage.
The below request created in ARIS links all the actors exercising an an activity into a “process” flowchart which has become the entry point for the request :


text views

Textual views can be configured according to your display needs.
Filter different elements according to type, symbols, display diagrams. Use the requests to display more information, thereby creating relevant webpages which require less clicks to get the information you need.
Users have access to all the linked documents
Switch easily between text and graphic view at any point
Example configuration and possible displays:

TMapArisVueTxt     TMapVueTxtCarto     TMapVueTxt     TMapVueTxtCPE


Use designer to create your predefined and configured lists
Choose the information to display in columns that could be attributes of the source code or a list of linked objects or the result of a request. All needs can be met with the various possibilities available.
Configure column width, the desired filtering style etc.
Allow users to save the list as an Excel file.
Example document list and its configuration model :

TMapVueList     TMapArisVueList

TMapVueListDepli      TMapArisVueListDepli

Site header

Configure the header’s multi level menu and the site logo.



And much more...

TMap is capable of a lot more and can be adapted to your specific needs. For further information, please contact us

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